Frontiers in Transportation: Social and Spatial Interactions

Call for Papers


What do we mean by social and spatial network interactions? And why does it matter? What does it have to do with transportation and urban and regional planning? Why is it (relatively) new? How is treatment thereof different than typical practice? How would it change existing theory and policy?

The topic of social and spatial interactions is now rapidly gaining interest in transportation research as evidenced by several initiatives to put the topic high on the research agenda. With new and seasoned researchers converging upon the same ideas, the seminar is timely and can benefit from the momentum and stimulate the exchange of ideas in this new field of research.

This seminar aims to pose the following questions:

  • What interactions between social networks, transportation and/or land use is each participant interested in?
  • Which social and spatial mechanisms do they see at work?
  • What are their hypotheses about the size and direction of the expected effects? How do they want to get the data to test for these effects?
  • How do they want to include these mechanisms in land use/transport models?
  • What are the implications of social and spatial interactions in terms of transportation policy analysis and urban and regional development?

The seminar will provide a forum to discuss recent developments, requirements and prospects for methods and theory useful to understand the influence of social and spatial interactions in travel and locational behavior.


Discussion Material



Folder Transportation and Spatial Development I
Facilitator: Michael Wegener, Spiekermann & Wegener Urban and Regional Research, Germany
Folder Transportation and Spatial Development II
Facilitator: Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Nagoya University, Japan
Folder Spatial Behavioral Dynamics
Facilitator: Xinyu Cao, University of California at Davis, USA
Folder Activity-Based Approaches
Facilitator: Fabrice Marchal, French National Center for Scientific Research, France
Folder Estimation with Endogenous Effects
Facilitator: Francisco Martinez, University of Chile, Chile



Folder Innovative Data Collection I
Facilitator: Kay Axhausen, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
Folder Innovative Data Collection II
Facilitator: Elenna Dugundji, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Folder Multi-Agent Based Simulation
Facilitator: Antonio Paez, McMaster University, Canada
Folder Challenges of Large Scale Systems
Facilitator: Jianquan Cheng, Wuhan University, P.R. China



Folder Bridging Policy and Practice
Facilitator: Huapu Lu, Tsinghua University, P.R. China
Folder Social Theory Development
Facilitator: Theo Arentze, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands